Almaden Valley Christian School

A Service for Families Home Schooling Children with Special Needs

Sharon Hensley, M.A.


Although I am not taking any more students into my independent study program, I will still be doing consulting for parents who want to homeschool their children with special needs.

My Consulting Services: Consulting can focus on anything you want. I can assist with curriculum selection and modification, goals, scheduling, prioritizing, information, resources and support.

I provide two options for consulting.

Option #1 - Consulting by the hour. Set up appointments as needed. $75/hr This option is best for people who have only a few very specific questions and have good support from other sources.

Option #2 - On-going consulting for one year. This option is best for people who want a lot of support and want to be able to e-mail or call with small questions frequently. I check in each month with each family who are doing on-going consultation to make sure you are getting the help you need!! Cost: $600 for the first year; $400 for each subsequent year. On-going consulting runs from July 1- June 30 of each year. (First year families may enroll before July 1, but the hourly consulting rate may apply to consultation appointments before July 1).

Parents who are in CA and are looking for legal "school enrollment" have two options:

Option #1 - You can file your own private school affidavit with the CA Dept of Education. ( I can then provide consulting on putting together a home school program and help with any questions along the way.

Option #2 - You can enroll for record keeping in another PSP and I can then provide help with any specific special needs questions that come up.

Here are a couple of PSP's that provide record keeping and who are welcoming to students with special needs (especially those who are working with me)

Peach Blossom PSP: Stephanie Hood, director. Stephanie works with families anywhere in CA

Pioneer Family Academy PSP: Kathy Kistler, director. Kathy primarily works with families in the San Jose area.

Please e-mail to request an appointment: